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Relationality Lab explore practical strategies for operationally supporting relational work with technology. We publish best practice guides and host skillshares on supporting relational operations.

We Help Relational Movements With


How might new members of a community show up, learn the community’s values and make a first friend?

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Leadership Development

How might emerging leaders in a community be identified, supported, and invited into shared governance?

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Coordination and Governance

How might leaders in a community stay informed about one another’s work and make shared decisions when necessary?

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How might leaders use stories and data to demonstrate the impact of their work and mobilize further support?


How might leaders within a community be equitably supported with resources?

We Prioritize Tools Which Are

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A platform already regularly used by a community, such as WhatsApp, is often preferable to a more ideal platform with a learning curve.


Because those engaging in relational labor are often under-resourced, we focus on strategies involving existing free or low-cost technologies.


We emphasize strategies which operate according to web accessibility best practices, and support accessibility best practices in planning digital events.

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Off The Shelf

Rather than building and maintaining our own software, we focus on recommending free or low-cost tools which can be easily configured to support relational work with our a sophisticated technical background. On occasion, we write easily implementable open source code to assist with configuring and syncing between these tools.

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